Class JMTFCommands

  extended by anecho.JamochaMUD.JMTFCommands

public class JMTFCommands
extends java.lang.Object

This class processes user input and scans it for TinyFugue style "/ commands", or user defined definitions and variables. If any of these are found, the class will process them, otherwise it lets the user input travel through unchanged.

Method Summary
 boolean command(java.lang.String command)
          The String is received from the input window and processed in this method.
static JMTFCommands getInstance()
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Method Detail


public static JMTFCommands getInstance()


public boolean command(java.lang.String command)
The String is received from the input window and processed in this method. This method looks for any item that begins with a forward slash, which then signals that additional processing is required.

command - Input received from the user to be processed
This boolean indicates whether our JMTFCommands class has has processed the user input. true - indicates that the input has been modified by this class and will not need to be handled any more. false - indicates that the input does not have any special definitions, commands, or variables and so should be left as-is and sent off to the MU*.