JamochaMUD, A Java MUD/Muck Client
(A Java MUD/Muck Client)


What would software be without screenshots, huh? These images only show a few features of JamochaMUD, but should be intriguing enough to make you dash directly to the download page!!
Text received while minimised While JamochaMUD is minimised, the number of lines that have scrolled by since minimising and a snippet of the last line received will be displayed when you mouse-over the icon. This feature is dependant on a few details of your operating system/window manager, but has been proven to work well in both OS/2 (using SysBar) and windows. Under *nix, different window managers seem to handle the events differently, so you may not receive updated events. But it can't hurt to try!
Combined view of JamochaMUD JamochaMUD's main view.
List of MU*s Menu accelerators allow you to easily move back and forth through a list of active MU*s, or to just directly to a MU* of your choice.
Coloured text sample JamochaMUD can understand ASCII colours sent from different MU*s, but also offers the ability to colour-code any output based on criteria the user defines, such as names, places, sentence fragments (basically anything)!

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