JamochaMUD, A Java MUD/Muck Client
(A Java MUD/Muck Client)

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And so, brave adventurer... your quest has brought you here, to the downloads section. Hmm. That's sort've a lack-lustre thing after everything you've went through, no? Heehee. Oh well.

JamochaMUD via Java Webstart

Webstart is now the recommended way to download and use JamochaMUD unless you really know what you're doing.

Using Java Webstart you can click on this link and automatically download, install and use JamochaMUD. In addition to being so simple, Webstart will take care of locating and downloading JamochaMUD updates when they become available!

Security exceptions when using Webstart

With newer versions of Java you may need to adjust your Java settings to run JamochaMUD. You can find the reasons and instructions for doing so on the JamochaMUD wiki.

Available downloads (source and binary releases):

Unsupported Installers

These JamochaMUD installers are not directly supported any more and could be incredibly out of date. Instead of these installers I recommend using the JamochaMUD Webstart.

Coming soon: For OS/2 users, a script will be included in the normal .zip and .tar.gz versions of the bytecode that should build a WarpIN package for you.

Re-usable JamochaMUD classes

GUI classes

To make things a little easier for developers, we've now made all the JamochaMUD GUI classes available as a separate jar-file. You can now include this jar-file in your own code to make use of items such as the JMSwingText and JMappedComboBox classes.

Click here to download the gui.jar

JamochaMUD source code via CVS

If you want to have the latest, greatest JamochaMUD source code you can access it via CVS on Sourceforge. Detailed CVS instructions can be found on the JamochaMUD project page under the "Code" heading.

Having trouble?

If you have any problems downloading, installing, or using JamochaMUD, please feel free to check the bugtracker and submit a note with your concerns. Every bit of feedback helps to make JamochaMUD a better MU* client!

NOTE: When downloading these packages, there will almost always been two packages with the same dates, but different extensions (.zip or .tar.gz). Rest assured that both of these packages contain the same files, they're just packaged the two different ways for your own personal unzipping/untarring pleasure.

Want to write a plugin for JamochaMUD? Well then... lets look over here for the proper documentation to get you on your way!

Update alerts

JamochaMUD is also listed on FreshMeat. By getting a login on FreshMeat you can subscribe to be alerted to the latest (major) releases of JamochaMUD, as well as hundreds of other pieces of software. Not all JamochaMUD releases are listed on FreshMeat, but any version of JMUD that contains a significant update or fix will appear there.

You may also note from any amount of snooping around that older version of JamochaMUD are available on the server, but for all intents and purposes, the most recently dated one *should* be the best. If not, please let me know!

If you're having trouble understanding, or perhaps this document makes no sense, feel free to drop the curator a note explaining the trouble (and/or any suggestions to make it better) to jeffnik@anecho.mb.ca.

All artwork presented on these pages is ©copyright 1996-2014 Jeff Robinson.
These images should only be used in association with JamochaMUD, and you should really really really ask the artist first, because he's known to be pretty congenial and easy going about stuph like that.