JamochaMUD, A Java MUD/Muck Client
(A Java MUD/Muck Client)

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JamochaMUD has the ability to accept plug-ins that are created for it, allowing the program to be expanded in directions that were not foreseen in the main code!

Plug-ins may be loaded into JamochaMUD by going to the "Plug-ins" menu and choosing "Install plug-in". If your version of JamochaMUD doesn't have such a menu, then it is time to upgrade!

Two example (and quite servicable) plug-ins are already shipped with JamochaMUD, the "FurryMUCK location plug-in" and the "Gags & Triggers" plug-in.

Available plug-ins

NameMinimum Java VersionAdditional Requirements
FurryMUCK location1.1None
Gags & Triggers1.1None
JazzySpell1.2The Jazzy Spelling API and dictionary

Plug-in descriptions

FurryMUCK location plug-in

This example plug-in will change the title of JamochaMUD to reflect your character's current location if supported by the MU* you are playing on. Currently it is setup for FurryMUCK (running on a FuzzBall server), but the code should be easily customised to work with additional MU*'s.

This plug-in comes with the base JamochaMUD install

Gags & Triggers

This example plug-in allows for the colourisation (and in the future sound effects) based on output from the connected MU*. Rules can be built for multiple triggers by using an AND/OR/MODIFIER syntax.

example rule:
AND -> Fred
NOT -> you say to
Will cause the trigger to occur of a line of output contains the word "Fred" (or if "Fred" exists as part of another word) as long as it does NOT include "you say to".

This plug-in comes with the base JamochaMUD install


The JazzySpell plug-in allows on-the-fly spell-checking for any text entered in the input-area. When JazzySpell comes across what it thinks is a typo it will make a "beep" to warn you (though will certainly not try to stop you)! Like all the plug-ins, JazzySpell may be enabled or disabled while JamochaMUD is running.

To function properly, the Jazzy spelling API needs to be installed on your system (only the jazzy-core.jar file must be included in your Java CLASSPATH or copied into your Java's jre\lib\ext directory before running JamochaMUD). You will also need a word-list (it doesn't matter where this is copied) that you can configure from the "Manage Plug-ins" menu item in JamochaMUD. An English word-list is already available from the Jazzy website.


If you're having trouble understanding, or perhaps this document makes no sense, feel free to drop the curator a note explaining the trouble (and/or any suggestions to make it better) to jeffnik@anecho.mb.ca.

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