JamochaMUD, A Java MUD/Muck Client
(A Java MUD/Muck Client)

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Supporting JamochaMUD

So do you feel that JamochaMUD is worth a little bit of recognition and/or support?

If so, I've set up a couple ways that you can show your gratitude... though to be honest, just dropping a nice/useful/constructive note to the author would be fine, too! In the event that you are feeling very liberal, you can make a donation to me directly via PayPal, but if you figure you want a bit more in it for you, you can also try using one of the affiliate links listed below. With affiliates, either cash or a percentage off a product goes to me... and you still get what you wanted at no additional charge. Sounds like a win-win situation there, huh?!

Either way, thanks for using and hopefully enjoying JamochaMUD.

Physical wares!

Check out some JamochaMUD merchandise (well, KehzaKoffee merchandise) at CafePress!

The JamochaMUD coffee coaster The KehzaKoffee mug... except no imitations

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