JamochaMUD, A Java MUD/Muck Client
(A Java MUD/Muck Client)

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Now you can get the latest and greatest documentation for JamochaMUD from the JamochaMUD Wiki. At various (and extremely unspecified) intervals the information from the wiki will be used to update the downloadable PDF and OpenOffice versions.

The PDF and OpenOffice versions of JamochaMUD are available here. These versions of the help files will always tend to be slightly out-of-date compared to information in the Wiki.

If you would like to submit changes, corrections, or updates to the JamochaMUD manual, please feel to contribute to the JamochaMUD wiki!

OpenOffice.org is a free office suite available from http://www.openoffice.org
PDF readers are available for almost every platform; one of the most common locations of course being from Adobe. Other platforms may find programs such as the GhostScript Viewer work for them.

If you're having trouble understanding, or perhaps this document makes no sense, feel free to drop the curator a note explaining the trouble (and/or any suggestions to make it better) to jeffnik@anecho.mb.ca.

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