JamochaMUD, A Java MUD/Muck Client
(A Java MUD/Muck Client)

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JamochaMUD has been coded to take advantage of Java's multi-language support.

This makes the task of translating JamochaMUD into a different language as simple as editing a text file.

Now, the unfortunate bit of the whole deal is that JamochaMUD is programmed primarily in English so the other language files may suffer somewhat from poor translation, be out of date or just not exist at all.

What can be done about this? You could translate JamochaMUD into your own language and submit the file for inclusion with the regular JamochaMUD releases! Yes, it's true!

But I'm not a programmer, you say?

Don't worry, this couldn't be any easier!

When you download JamochaMUD you will see that it contains a number if "properties" files. Each of these files contains a translation for the language indicated by the country code in the file name, such as JamochaMUDBundle_de_DE.properties and JamochaMUDBundle_es_ES.properties for Spanish. If one were to create a Spanish translation for use in the United State of America, you could simply change the file name to JamochaMUDBundle_es_US.properties and make any required changes.

Any language that doesn't have a translation automatically uses the plain JamochaMUDBundle.properties file, and this is the file that all other translations should be based on.

"Sure, so the file names are easy, but how about working with the actual contents of the file?"

Once again, this is quite easy. If you look at the properties files, they consist of comments (which start with the hash, or # symbol), "keys" and translations.

Now, if we wanted to have an item in JamochaMUD say "Red", we would do it as so:
Red = Red
Red = Rouge
Red = rot
Red = 赤い

Once you have made your changes and saved the file, JamochaMUD should display the translation next time you start the program; though make certain the language setting on your operating system is correct as well!

Any translations would be greatfully accepted!!

If you're having trouble understanding, or perhaps this document makes no sense, feel free to drop the curator a note explaining the trouble (and/or any suggestions to make it better) to jeffnik@anecho.mb.ca.

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